Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Perfect Fit

The only way to win the game is to break the rules. 


Pulling the tiny butter zipper along the seem of the yellow taffeta cocktail dress.
The sleeves, slightly belled. The bodice, tailored and detailed for the body
of a lady some fifty years ago. I turn to observe the back, the skirt twirling
in pursuit of my waist, shoulders, rounded jawline. I look in the mirror
at a body, cut, and colour suitable for a 1960s evening sipping punch
and passing hors d'ouvres. Most women I know would turn their cheeks toward something less structured, more elastic, and framing of their sucked in, pushed up assets. Reviving past
sartorial gems, accentuating the subtle curves of my figure, and embracing quality fabrics, rich colours,
and detailed tailoring is when I feel most elegant. 

In a world where one-size-fits-all is an upstanding mantra, how can 
we find the perfect fit?

Starting a new semester at school in the next short while I've been
thinking a great deal about my wardrobe. Sex appeal over sophistication,
tight over fitted, so-wrong over so right, it seems as if the young women
surrounding me are less invested in their opportunities, and more
interested in the one-two-step of 'The Game' they play against one another.

Style is a completely individual manner of doing things. On campus, I think
 that it all comes down to the type of women that we want to be. 
In a battle for and against femininity, we need to recognize 
the power of a well dressed bod in our own community. 

The perfect fit is not plastered
against our skin, nor is it purchased from the 
stack of multi-coloured sweats in the mall where Tits bought her's
last weekend. No. The perfect fit is a collection of classics developed
to harbour our own tastes, to communicate our own 
capabilities, and of course to best display our 'blessings'. 

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