Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Game

Style, conquest, and romanticism. 

 I found myself in the company of two fine young gentlemen a few nights ago. 
I listened, distracted at first, to stories of conquest,
triumph and defeat, little chats of cheeky game playing and suggestions for
innocent future plans. Revealed from a stack of books, The Game
was unearthed from the coffee table. I was hooked. 

Who knew that there was a Bible-like guide to the art of
"Getting Women."

Disgusted, irritated, disinterested? No, my reaction was much more complex. 
In my hands was a study on interaction, persuasion, and seduction. 
It was a guide to my personal understanding of the actions and intentions
of a very suave, calculating, and alluring pursuer. Alternatively, it was 
a chauvinistic narrative of the conquering of women and 
written evidence that not only was I being hunted, but also that
I was easily captured. 

It seemed at times arbitrarily ignorant, but, as I considered and read further 
the tips fell into a place of absolute, assured effectiveness in the realm
of the most simple-minded triumph. Men were getting women by
telling, not suggesting. They were constant in their pursuit, yet 
casual, and gentle. In the end the woman in question was eating from the 
palm of his hand.

My question is... How can women play The Game and win?

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