Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Initiative

Crown her Queen: my political life as a twenty-something spectator of style and femininity 


I've been baffled by the ever changing needs of the blogosphere. 
If it was difficult to fit into the fashion world before, it has become seemingly
more so because everyone is at it. Your life has to be different, and interesting,
and progressive. You have to set an example, a need if you will, of
an ideal lifestyle and continue to prove to the world wide web
that what you have to say, show, and do is the utmost of quirkified perfection.
You are branding yourself for a world of dreamers: I know because
I am one. 

Here I am, with no evidence of my personal style trying to run
a little fashion inspiration blog. I do what I love, and although
spontaneously, write about the things that interest me most.
I want, however, to flow into a more cohesive, sophisticated 
and organized form of publishing. Here goes nothing... 

My first new post on Crown Her Queen is a seed of deliciously 
digestible thoughts about style and femininity.

This is my initiative.  I hope you are as excited as I am for this one. 

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