Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where are all the respectable young women?


A woman is objectified the moment she is born a girl - Yaddah, yaddah I've read 
this line half a million times, in half a million studies, and 
in half a million personal stories. I'm still wondering, after
all the confessions, observations, and papers written in a system
that is supposed to advance our proficiency (aka University), if the sting 
of it will ever sink into the minds of the ladies squirrelling 
around our very tiny campus. 

I'd like to hear the words advancement, accomplishment, vigour, 
creativity, poise, humour, beauty, intelligence, radiance... I'd like to see 
elegance, and edge, and bravery... Why does it seem that 
young women can't even pull themselves together 
inside a classroom, on a first date, or with their
fellow droids? 

I read the term self-objectification today.
Witnessing far too many young women place a great deal 
of power on their sexuality, bodies, and ability to manipulate men over
the strength, vitality, and promise of their own minds - in the 
real world, it's called going to the bar and watching Jersey Shore - 
I question whether women love it more than they hate it. 

When it comes to style, the most tasteful of young
women today hold a very rare position. 
loving fiery reds and punches of colour, fur and texture for fall.

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