Friday, August 12, 2011

Working Women

Work is like a drug for me. I crave the fast-paced busyness of 
the everyday. I relish in the responsibility, and search 
for ways in which to advance. I'd like to have this, however,
while maintaining a state of healthy glamour and poise. 


Working women: are we stuck forever thrown helplessly back and forth 
amongst the currents of 'Too Busy'? 

Watching the video, Move, a few days ago I got to thinking 
about the message in terms of my own experiences. 
With a sexy little walking montage worked in, of course.
Except instead of strolling the Wall of China, skipping
in the Louvre or, in my case, strutting the streets in 
a fabulous pair of heals, I envisioned spilt coffee, 
tangled chains, and spinach-ed teeth. Not so glamourous.

It was this that helped me to realize that the world
of work is a slippery slope for women. Suddenly, my 
twenty-something self was developing a serious addiction to 
iced grande half-sweet Tazo Chais, and skipping dates with
both her hairdryer and the weight room.

Is the secret to avoiding the inevitable (becoming a stinky sea hag) 
simply making more me time in our days?
Anna Dello Russo awakes each morning at 5 a.m to 
practice yoga, swim, and dress. 

Or, do we just need to learn to ask for more?

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