Saturday, November 12, 2011

How're we supposed to write about things like make-up and glittery shoes when there is 
so much else going on? 

There came a time where 'pretty things' stopped turning my day around; where they laid in a heap on the floor because picking them up was too hurtful when other things weighed me down so. 

Dear C, 
In a world where we turn to depend on things instead of people
Where, more concerned about the twinkling of our toes
over the vitality and freedom of our sisters, thinking of ourselves first and foremost
We tend to forget that we have so much more to learn. 

I find beauty in the culture and craftsmanship of a perfect garment. 
Joy in clothing because it provides such a rich medium for the exploration of our identities.
But my God, fashion can be so, so exhausting. 

Your older self. 

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