Monday, November 14, 2011

I won't lie and say that women's studies hasn't made me a pessimist. 
I used to have a flowery idea of happily ever after and 
lately it seems to bounce back and forth between 
this cloudy loneliness or complete non-existence. 

That's not to say that I agree with the statement made
by this fool on my Facebook: "Thank you feminists not only did you make women 
bitches but you made men assholes." But more so that it has opened
my eyes to a darker realistic experience of the world than say,
knowledge attained from childhood love stories. 

Looking back I come to realize that, rose coloured glasses aside,
my relationships have been more or less severe learning curves. 
Now, the question doesn't lie in whether my Prince Charming
exists, but whether he exists at all... for anyone. 
That being said, why is happily ever after only so
when there's a Prince involved? 

 To Happily Ever After in this series of posts 
is a redefining of must haves
I think that we're at this point where we're socially redefining 
feminism, gender, sexuality, and so on. We're talking about
style and femininity and politics and I think that it's about time
that women start redefining their ideal. 
It's not easy, but we need to come to appreciate our differences and 
be able to not only successfully answer when someone asks... 

What do you want?

But also determine how to get it. 

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