Monday, November 21, 2011

Our comfort with vulnerability only hinders our potential to move forward

I often say that feminism is a dangerous thing. It sometimes feels like being the only black sheep
in a herd of cloudy white wool. When I wake up in the morning there lies the weight of everything I have read and learned, discussed and examined, internalized like a heavy rock inside my chest. 
Breath in. Breath out. 

I've found both solace in feminism, but also great vulnerability - it has shown me a 
a place that isn't so romantic, but complex and often unforgiving. 
I hold such pride in being a woman and yet recognize the weakness of my femininity. 

What baffles me most is women's unwillingness to recognize feminism; their incessant 
need to capitalize on their vulnerability and naivety, and rejection of the influence of female independence on even the smallest freedoms awarded them. Femininity is very much about survival and I think that women have adapted to their surroundings quite well. Why challenge the comfort of your own privilege when it rewards you such riches? 

When it comes to the power of vulnerability, how are all the efforts made by women toward liberation seemingly torn down by the simplicity of a spiteful comment? Women dislike feminism because they fear its challenges to their own privileges. As quaint and lovely as this may seem to the young anti-feminists- who-tend-to-know-nothing-about-feminist-ideology it is, in my opinion, hurtful to the progression of all women.

Getting caught in the mess that is vulnerability, we're too busy moping of the woes of
our oh-so dramatic lives to realize that we have so much more power. Until we can 
disregard judgement, accept criticism, and recognize our flaws as stepping stones to 
a better self understanding we won't be able to progress as individuals in the real world.
Vulnerability is good so long as we approach it honestly and critically in hopes of 
transformation and growth.

On the road to my Happily Ever After I'm searching for ways to challenge my own insecurities. 

I like this quote by Oscar Wilde which says,

"Every woman is a rebel and usually in wild revolt against herself."

P.s this photo has been haunting my desktop for a very long time now because it's
refreshing and gentle and I think Emma is so beautiful. It was crying to be shared. 

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