Friday, December 2, 2011

Everything that I'm Not


If I have learned anything in my (perceived) forty years it's the importance of abolishing
The Ideal. In the race toward happily-ever diamoned, picket fenced and baby-laden
 ⎯ or fur swathed and successful ⎯  we tend to construct these impenetrable expectation
 walls that not even the most nimble could scale or tear down in their valiant mist. 

It's not that we should be rid of our expectancy, but rather that so hurtful image
of our perfect person. In the writing of lists, charts, and fantasies of blue eyes 
and blonde locks I think that we dampen the possibility of the adventure 
of the unknown. We ruin our own stories by trying to guess their ending.

We lead such tragic lives, don't we? I think the most hurtful thing that you can do to
someone who loves you is to tell them that what you want is modelled from their
faults and insecurities, inspired by the things that you dislike in them.
Learning to love from the good, bad and ugly experiences we sometimes forget
what it feels like to be disliked ourselves.

Hug someone tonight and tell them that they're perfect.

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