Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our femininity is often pitted in our sexuality, but ultimately we need our femininity to reflect our identity, our youthfulness, our inner glitter and glue. 

I'd love to wake up tomorrow reincarnated as my thirteen year old self
except with an extraordinary eye for fashion, uncanny understanding of people, an ear for
incredible music and skill in epic fort building. Thirteen because I'd have much more
room to make mistakes, to find young love, and have reason to blame my daily woes on the fluctuation of my hormones. At thirteen I'd love to recognize how incredible it feels to be a young woman 
in the making.

At twenty something we sometimes feel like we've made so many mistakes but can finally create the space in which we come to realize how liberating it is to just be ourselves. 
 I think that we've spent so much time searching for something that was inside of us all along that we've missed our big picture. 

I'd choose thirteen because it's that time and place where we, as women, were taught to feel awkwardly 
about our bodies and to subsequently focus on that awkwardness. I feel as if at that young age I forgot about myself and how I fit into the world around me, I forgot how to explore. 
Now I crave the imagination of my youth in union with the knowledge and experience
that comes with young adulthood. 

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