Friday, December 16, 2011

Sometimes it's not a matter of emotion. People realize that
they can't get what they want from you and disappear. 
When I was younger I recall a naivety, an aura of sorts that 
hovered around my femininity. Letting people into the bubble seemed harmless,
fun and liberating. My sense of self existed as this distant part of me that remained
mysterious and enticing. A place of trust, the social rosiness of the outside
world was at one point entertaining.. 

Now it seems as if my femininity is but pitted against the walking, talking plasticity 
known as 'normal.' I become closed off, sceptical, and uninterested simply because this 
young world makes me appear utterly unworthy.

Indifference should make us care less, no? I think that a woman can build her personal strength, style, 
flavour. She can be passionate, creative, hardworking, accomplished but at the end of the day, 
she still needs to feel feminine.  

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