Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Comfort of Classic


Because fashion seems to involve the coming together of opposites, I find that our love
for the feminine and craving for the ease of masculinity makes for the most sensual of combinations. 
The men that I have spoken to adore a woman in a man's shirt while the woman in question feels the most 'herself' in clothes that are classic, versatile, and bridge the gap between the private and public realms. 

I often consider the contents of my wardrobe to be too boyish.. The other day I couldn't help but notice
that most of my staple pieces are inscribed by the haunting label boyfriend fit. I think that the most worrying thing for a fem girl like myself is to question the nature of my everyday style, as it may seem, to be too far in one direction.. Finding a balance in my wardrobe is just as important to my idea of a healthy lifestyle as the fresh fruit and veggies that nourish my body. How do we get away from the comfort of classic? Furthermore, how do we nourish our wardrobes to reflect this healthy balance that makes us feel so damn sexy.. You tell me. 

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