Monday, May 14, 2012


Here are a few photos that I have found suitably inspiring for
this gorgeous pre-summer day. 
Thinking lately about routine, I have come to recognize the importance of
both salvaging traditional practices and refurbishing - and sometimes banishing - certain
harmful patterns. Similar to our wardrobes, in life we need to purge those unhealthy
coping practices (i.e the fact that I never fail to load my closet with grey, black, and plain) 
and develop a fresh perspective and a bold approach to our everyday self experience.

Routine is not a pattern of the same behaviour, but an outlook that we should utilize to build our
self esteem upon. A repertoire of nourishing elements to our inner and outer beauty, I think that a routine can only be negative if we encourage our worst traits to over-power our strength.

To me, it is a healthful approach to daily survival and self-love. 

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