Monday, June 28, 2010

Let's talk about delicious

Let's also talk about how hot I am for the Alexander Wang and Philip Lim Fall 2010 collections. The camel coats, the stockings, the men's wear to women's wear approach; there is only one word to describe them together - delicious.

A-Wang pulls at my heartstrings every season anyway so let's cut to the chase. There is such a cold bite to the collection. To me it's kind of very count Dracula and I dig it. We see the signature cut out details that exist in the majority of A-Wang's resent collections as well as some very classic shapes and pieces that are modernized and completely wearable.
In terms of MW to WW the use of the tailcoat/ cape/ trouser pieces is an key part of fall/winter for Wang - this is such a solid structure for all of his collections and by developing each one he creates an entirely different vibe while sticking to his signature style. I especially like how simplistic each piece is but certain aspects such as the thigh-high stockings and tailoring make it feminine and rich.
Camel coats are particularly hot for this fall/winter so says Vogue, IN FASHION and WWD. Detailed trend report soon to come!

As for 3.1 Philip Lim: There are a great deal of similarities between the two collections - like a continuation to my dream wardrobe. Lim, however, uses a wider range of classic pieces such as the delicious 3-quarter wide sleeve camel coat (which I'm sure I saw something similar from 1950's Dior). Lim too has an edge to his pieces but they are all entirely conservative and effortlessly feminine. There is such a serge for 90's revival of late and we can see this in the collections this fall. Wang is just a rougher extension to what I've explored in the two.

Alexander Wang Fall/ Winter 2010
The Verdict - Where would I wear this? - Out and about on 5th Avenue on a cold Autumn day

3.1 Philip Lim Fall/ Winter 2010
The Verdict - Where would I wear this? - In New York City out to get my morning croissant and In Fashion magazine 

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